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About Us - Webseology
About Web•se•ol•o•gy

We Build
Awesome Websites!

Professional, Affordable Creative Web Design

It’s our job to build your company’s online presence!

We are Webseology

At Webseology it is our goal to help small businesses reach their goals of achieving a real online presence. Whether it is through a modern, creative website design, a search engine optimization campaign, social media marketing or other digital marketing strategies, Webseology can help you reach your goals.

The Webseology Belief

  • The details make the difference
  • Top-notch quality and nothing less
  • We take pride in helping small businesses grow
  • We keep up with ever changing technology
  • Our passion gets REAL RESULTS
  • Reputation is everything; our work speaks for itself
  • Our web design and all encompassing marketing ROCKS!

A Little More About Us

Excellent Customer Services

At Webseology, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our reputation is very important to us, so performing for our clients by reaching your goals is our first priority.

White Hat Search Engine Optimization Practices

Not all search engine optimization (SEO) is created equal. There are many “too good to be true” SEO companies out there guaranteeing placement at the top of Google and other search engines for next to nothing. Most of these companies are using Black Hat techniques which may, in fact, raise your site’s rankings to the top of the search engines for a couple weeks but then quickly drop you to no man’s land – or worse, get your website removed from the search engines completely.

At Webseology, we use white hat SEO practices only. Results are typically seen in 4-8 weeks of starting the SEO process AND they are long lasting.

Professional, Modern Web Design at Affordable Prices

Staying up to date on the latest web design trends is an important part of keeping a fresh look to your company’s website. We specialize in responsive website design at affordable prices, which keeps an easy to use, easy to navigate user interface on all mobile devices from smartphones to tablets.

Create a Strong Social Media Presence for your Company/Brand

Underestimating the power of social media in today’s search engine rankings can be a big mistake. More so then ever before has social media marketing played a major impact on a company’s rankings. More than that, it is also a great way to engage customers and monitor customer questions and complaints.

We encourage small businesses to create and keep up to date social network accounts. If you need social media services, we can help you!

What our clients say

OH MY GOD!!! These are fabulous!!!! Your level of work is off the charts, your customer service, even better. I am so happy we chose to work with you! - Nora Dunne, Munro HVAC,
Webseology designed and built my website. I talked to other web designers before choosing them, but their ideas were the most unique, affordable, and totally in line with what I was thinking, but couldn't quite express. It was as if they read my mind and produced a website more amazing than I could have imagined. I spent less money than I anticipated, and best of all, loved working with them. I had been quoted a completion time frame of 2-3 months by other designers, but, they finished much sooner! I highly recommend them if you want something original for a very affordable price.- Sandy Metter,
Wow! I love that web design. That is exactly what I was looking for! I can't believe how right on you are about what I like...and we never even met! So awesome!! - Rachel Mummolo, Far Earth Creations
I LOVE MY NEW WEBSITE! WebSEOlogy is without a doubt one of the finest companies I've had the pleasure of working with. Summer not only made my website vision come true, she was very easy to work with and very affordable. Her highly professional, yet very friendly way made the process of creating my website very enjoyable. I trusted her with everything from start to completion. My finished design is even better than I could have hoped for! If you are looking for a high quality, friendly, affordable company to create a beautiful, logical, working website, WebSEOlogy is an excellent choice!- Kathy Zachman, Coffee and Gifts
Summer Mote (owner/designer) is the absolute best!!! My website ROCKS!! I HATED dealing with my website and reached out for her for help! At first I panicked about the cost but I bit the bullet!! That was the BEST investment I have ever made! My business increased by 5 x on my site!! No more sending invoices and missing out on more sales!! I LOVE MY NEW SITE!!! NOT to mention Summer was always there to answer my questions and help problem solve in a very timely manner!! She is the best so if your needing a professional website to make your company really flourish then call Summer IF not then go elsewhere!!! - Kim Honeycutt, Black Horse Creations Apparel
I just simply Love Webseology!!! They are very professional efficient and easy to work even beyond my imaginations and this is damn true. Also, They have a great design team which really do have a good sense in their business. - Muhammad Ali, HR Removals